On – 10 Jan, 2018 By DJ Dunson

Image for Danny Ainge tweet featuring Gordon Hayward's ankle may be an auspicious sign for Boston Celtics

It hasn’t even been three months since Gordon Hayward grotesquely twisted his ankle before a nationally television audience during the opening minutes of the NBA season. On Tuesday, Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge tweeted out a photo of a smiling Hayward poolside. Ainge’s tweet was also a surreptitious update on Hayward’s ankle is being rehabilitated.

The 27-year-old Celtics forward had his boot removed last month, but at the time there was a possibility that he have may get the boot put back on depending on how his foot reacted, but apparently there were no setbacks even though his ankle may never look normal without socks on. The Celtics have said that they don’t expect Hayward back this season, however, it also hasn’t been ruled out.

There is a vast difference between walking around on a recently fractured tibia and ankle and playing 30-40 minutes of intense, full-speed regular season or playoff basketball. However, the pace of his recovery so far will only spur more speculation from fans and orthopedic surgeons who’ve only observed his recovery from afar.

One reason for hope? At the end of December, Hayward also received blessings from The Based God, Lil B.