On – 18 Sep, 2017 By Mark Hinog

Image for This guy lost an 'NBA 2K18' game on the stupidest buzzer-beater ever

You know that feeling when you’re playing an online game and some straight up bullshit happens to you? The type of thing where you’re really close to victory, but it gets taken away from you out of nowhere? Twitch user MoyBoss happened to have something like that happen to him during an online NBA 2K18 match. Both he and his opponent were tied 59-59 in the final seconds.

MoyBoss missed what should have been an easy layup, which led to his opponent pulling off the most heartbreaking buzzer-beater from the other three-point arc. Like, that felt like either a glitch or the luckiest buzzer-beater ever. MoyBoss screamed, got up, and stormed out, understandably so.

He silently ended his stream and came back and played a cover of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” for his viewers, because what else can you do after losing an NBA 2K game like that?

I send my condolences to you, MoyBoss. That was the worst.

Source: https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/18/16326786/nba-2k18-player-loses-stupidest-buzzer-beater