On – 09 Oct, 2017 By Kristen Pozmanter

Image for KD Wants to Be LeBron So Bad He's Copying His Business Ventures | 12up

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ​If that’s the case, then LeBron James should really be feeling the love from fellow NBA star Kevin Durant right now.

The Warriors forward has been chasing the King on the court for years, and now it seems like he’s trying to follow in his footsteps in his off-court dealings:

Pretty interesting, considering that James has had a stake in a rival fast casual pizza company since 2012, and especially considering that fast casual pizza companies aren’t exactly the most common investment idea.

The fact that KD came right out and tried saying that “this wasn’t about him versus LeBron” makes it even clearer that this is all about him versus LeBron. If Durant really wasn’t trying to one-up James, he wouldn’t have even bothered addressing it.

If anything, he just opened himself up to even more trolling than he usually gets:

Pizza with a side of jealousy.