On – 22 Aug, 2017 By Pete Lambos

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​If Magic really wanted to make waves this offseason, he could pull off an earth-shattering trade. Kyrie Irving wants to be traded, probably because he knows LeBron is leaving after this season.

If the Lakers wanted to catapult themselves into contention in the wild Western Conference, Magic could expedite the youth progression and trade Lonzo Ball in a package for Kyrie Irving in a move that both teams would benefit from.

Irving has stated he is not keen on signing a long term deal, but if he were to sign one, Los Angeles would the perfect place. With the experience of Irving on the court with Brandon Ingram, the Lakers could find themselves fighting for a playoff spot this season, not to mention the possible landing of LeBron James or Paul George in 2018, assuming the Lakers don’t get thwarted for tampering with PG.

As for the Cavaliers, they have been vocal in their want for young talent, something that Lonzo Ball fits the bill for perfectly. The Cavs could even demand more for Kyrie if he says he’ll sign an extension.

LaVar Ball may go into cardiac arrest if it happens, but it is a business after all.

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