On – 11 Aug, 2017 By RobKalland

Image for The NBA Could Put In Rules To Punish Teams For Resting Stars Next Season

One of the biggest topics of debate last season in the NBA was over player rest. The most notable examples of big players resting in big games came in March when on back-to-back week’s, ABC’s primetime Saturday night game featured top teams playing without their stars.

The Warriors and Spurs both rested the majority of their best players in a March 11 meeting and a week later the Cavaliers did the same with LeBron James and others in a matchup with the Clippers. In both, ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy went off about how ridiculous it was that the best players would be held out of these games and the rest wouldn’t, at the least, be staggered.

Those games became a jumping off point for a debate that raged through the start of the playoffs, as the top teams kept their best players fresh for the postseason. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has noted that he was concerned about the issue of fans being upset that stars are being rested, and the league made significant changes to the schedule structure to try and make rest a less significant issue, especially before national broadcast games.

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