On – 18 May, 2017 By Cam Smith

Oklahoma City Thunder star and presumptive NBA MVP Russell Westbrook just became a new father, welcoming son Noah Russell Westbrook with his wife on Monday.

By Tuesday evening, Noah Westbrook had his first college basketball scholarship offer.

To be fair, Stony Brook coach Jeff Boals was likely joking when he tweeted an offer at the Thunder star’s son. Still, one can never be sure, and based on the rising success of other top hoops scions — LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., anyone? — Boals can be excused for trying to take a flier as soon as he had proof that Noah Westbrook existed. A school like Stony Brook would have a pretty tough time convincing the younger Westbrook to come to Long Island if he grows up to fulfill his genetic basketball potential (his mother is also a former UCLA women’s basketball player).

Perhaps now Stony Brook will have an in when Noah Westbrook turns 16 and begins considering his collegiate options, basketball-related or otherwise. And if the younger Westbrook isn’t a top-tier hoops talent? His matriculation to Stony Brook would still probably be a boon. If the Seawolves were lucky, Daddy Westbrook might even donate some of his accumulated NBA wealth of knowledge. Both would surely be welcome.