20. Ricky Pierce
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One of the more underrated players of all time, Ricky Pierce was the epitome of instant offense. What typically keeps Pierce off of lists of all-time greats is the fact that he rarely played on relevant teams. Though he made the playoffs 12 of his 16 seasons and with four different teams, his teams typically did not advance far and he never won a title. He did, however, light up the stat sheet, scoring 20 points per game in four seasons despite coming off the bench and never playing much more than 29 minutes per game over the course of his career.
Even more impressive is the fact that he averaged 22 points per 36 minutes. Ricky Pierce was a pure shooter and able to connect at any range, as evidenced by his career 49 percent field goal percentage, 32 percent three-point shooting and overly impressive 88 percent free-throw shooting. Pierce won the Sixth Man of the Year award twice and was a one-time All-Star. Whether or not you have even heard of this dude, there is no question he deserves a slot on this list.