1. John Havlicek
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From one Celtics legend to another, the man known as “Hondo” is also a guy many people will tell you absolutely revolutionized the role of the sixth man in professional basketball. The Hall of Famer was a 13-time all-star, and made the All-NBA teams 11 times during his long and illustrious career. John Havlicek scored more than 26,000 points and, just in case you weren’t already in awe of his athletic prowess, he was also drafted by the Cleveland Browns to play wide receiver when he was coming out of Ohio State. And yet, he did the vast majority of that while coming off the bench. Havlicek played before the Sixth Man of the Year Award was actually created, but it’s a pretty safe bet that not only would have have won virtually every season he was eligible, but it wouldn’t be particularly surprising if the league someday renamed the award in his honor. After all, this is a guy who is not only Boston’s all-time leading scorer, but also holds the franchise records for games and minutes played – all while coming off the bench.