On – 06 Aug, 2017 By RobKalland

Image for The Nets Could Join The Rockets As NBA Teams For Sale

The Houston Rockets are one of the NBA’s most valuable franchises and owner Les Alexander made the stunning announcement earlier this summer that he would be putting the team up for sale. Houston figures to fetch close to $2 billion from a new ownership group, as the franchise was valued at $1.65 billion last year and has only helped itself with the extension to star James Harden and trade for Chris Paul to become a top contender to the Warriors.

The Rockets are the NBA team that is publicly for sale, but a recent report from the New York Post‘s Josh Kosman revealed that there’s another franchise, the Brooklyn Nets, that could be making moves towards a sale in private.

According to Kosman, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who has previously tried to sell a minority stake in the franchise, could be convinced to sell the team entirely, should they receive an offer of $2 billion or more. Kosman notes that they have already made contact with numerous potential investors for China, and that there’s one group that already has significant interest.

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