Football not just in England, but also in Europe has become such a great spectacle where organizers of competitions and matches rake in billions in terms of ads and sponsorships. The consequence is in the millions of dollars or shall we say pounds sterling that players rake in annually in form of salaries and endorsements. Players’ salaries or wages as it is called, are paid every week; with some earning as high as £300,000 for kicking around the ball simply to entertain and bring glory to their teeming supporters all over the world. However, players are not just paid jumbo wages because a club has the financial power to do this; they are paid according to their talent and what they bring to their respective teams. That is why some players earn higher than others.
Below is a list of ten highest paid players in the English Premier League, also known as the EPL.

#10 John Terry

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John Terry

This former England international is the captain of Chelsea FC where he earns a princely sum of £175,000 every week.